museum-romagne-jean-paul-de-vries-94It seems like if the woods around Romagne-sous-Montfaucon will not have anything to do with the war. Every day the earth throws up artifacts from the First World War: bombs, grenades, helmets. Also the witnesses of the day-to-day personal life are coming up: combs, coins, forks, knives, watches. From 1976 on Jean-Paul de Vries has been finding these things.

In his informal museum ROMAGNE ’14-’18 he of course shows the guns, the bayonets and the bullets, but Jean-Paul de Vries also loves the objects that tell the story of every-day life. In this way Jean-Paul hopes you will get conscious of the atrocity of War.  War that was (and still is) fought by ordinary boys and girls.

The countless artifacts in the permanent exposition are found by Jean-Paul de Vries himself in the direct surroundings of his informal museum in Romagne-sous-Montfaucon. Each object that has passed the fingers of Jean-Paul has it's own story. A story he can tell in a touching way.